Mesh banner

A mesh banner is a kind of ultra-fine netting or perforated fabric. Its wind permeability makes it ideal for outdoor use, as there is no “sail effect”.

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Für Innen- und Außeneinsatz, B1 zertifiziert (schwer entflammbar), durch die kleinen Öffnungen im Material strömt Luft, so dass selbst bei Wind keine Segelwirkung entsteht, ideal zum Bespannen von Lautsprechern, wetterfest, windfest, regenfest, UV-beständig, Format frei wählbar. Hohlsaum und Ösen bei Bedarf als Weiterverarbeitung wählbar.


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Mesh banner / Perforated banner

Mesh banners can be used easily at advertising events, for storefront advertisements, on construction hoarding etc. They are wind- and weatherproof, and the ink used in the print is UV-resistant, so colors do not fade in sunlight. 

  • Mesh banner
  • Mesh banner
  • Mesh banner
  • Mesh banner
  • Mesh banner
  • Mesh banner

Mesh banner

Many ways to use the mesh banner

Mesh banners can also be used as a cover for loudspeakers, as they let the sound through more easily. The fabric can be used in private spaces as a balcony screen or a sail providing shade for your own little garden oasis. Mesh banners are also an excellent solution on scaffolding or as dividers. 

Format doesn't matter

The format of the mesh banner is up to you. Our mesh banner production starts at one item and with very small formats, such as DIN A4. You can select from a number of processing options, such as hemstitch or eyelets. Questions? Contact us.

All you need to know about mesh banners

  • ideal for outdoor use, no fading from sunlight
  • perfect banner for promotions and site fences
  • can be used as speaker cover, awning
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