Frontlit banner

We print your advertisement in XXXL on a frontlit banner, the "classic" way. With or without eyelets, hemstitch aso.

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Mindestformat: 10 x 10 cm;
Maximalformat: 320 x 2500 cm

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Frontlit banners (also known as PVC banners) are the “classic” advertising banners for outdoor use. Frontlit banners are ideally suited to outdoor environments, as the material is wind- and weatherproof. Our banners are printed with UV-resistant ink, so they do not fade. These banners can also be used indoors – at trade fairs, parties etc. They are B1-certified and thus flame-retardant and self-extinguishing. Contact us.


You can choose from a range of options for processing this material, which weighs 510g/sqm. Starting with the eyelets (in the corners, all around, in the corners and middle etc.), hemstitch (top/bottom) or a combination of eyelets and hemming. Eyelets come free of charge, hemstich costs 5 EUR/linear metre. The standard placement for eyelets in frontlit banners is every 50 cm. 

These banners can be used e.g. on walls of buildings, trade fairs, events, construction hoarding, scaffolding, facades, bridges, bridge railing etc. Frontlit banners are also ideal as a cheap “sign” providing information on prices, building progress etc. In private spaces, it can be used for parties, as a balcony screen or a sail shade. Naturally, the choice of format is yours; it starts with small measurements, e.g. DIN A4. Contact us.

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