Flags and furnishing fabric

WENZEL prints flags for you as well as furnishing fabric. Weights are 110g, 220g or 330g/sqm. For indoor and outdoor use.

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Flag 110g

Flag fabric weighing 110g/sqm is ideal for outdoor use. Even if wind and weather tug at the flag, its light weight prevents it from losing its shape and stretching at the eyelets or the hem. Thus its lifespan becomes markedly longer. Contact us.

This polyester fabric is B1-certified and thus flame-retardant, guaranteeing maximum safety. The printed image shows through on the opposite side, so your advertising message goes in both directions. Of course you can choose from an extensive range of processing options (eyelets, hemstitch etc.). The choice of format is yours; production starts with small measurements and single items. 

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Furnishing fabric 220g

Furnishing fabric with its weight of 220g/sqm is suitable both for inside and outside. Made of waterproof polyester, it can withstand any weather, and the UV-resistant ink does not fade with exposure to sunlight. When used outdoors, its comparatively light weight means not so much strain is placed on the eyelets or hem. However, in constant heavy weather conditions flag fabric is to be recommended instead. 

220g furnishing fabric is also a good choice for indoors. It is nearly opaque and is B1-certified, i.e. flame-retardant. Maximum safety is thus guaranteed. It can be used at trade fairs, points of sale etc. The choice of format is up to you, and you can have the fabric processed with either eyelets and hemstitching. The maximum print width for furnishing fabric is 152 cm. Contact us.

  • Flags and fabrics

Furnishing fabric 330g

Furnishing fabric with a weight of 330g/sqm is the “heaviest” fabric in WENZEL’s range. This opaque material (the print does NOT show through on the other side) is made of 100% polyester and is extremely hardy and tearproof. 330g furnishing fabric can withstand any kind of weather conditions; rain, wind etc. are not a problem. The UV-resistant ink can also withstand continuous exposure to sunlight. 

Nonetheless, 330g furnishing fabric cannot be recommended unreservedly for areas with constant heavy weather, such as high wind. If the heavy fabric is permanently exposed to wind that tugs at the eyelets or hem, it can sustain damage. For these kinds of environments we recommend its “little brothers”, 110g or 220g furnishing fabric. The choice of format is yours; production starts with single items. The maximum print width for this material is 152 cm. Contact us.

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