Beach flags are ideal advertising media for indoor and outdoor use. You can choose from numerous variants and design the ideal shape for your event. WENZEL takes over the printing and further processing.


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170 x 75 cm
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EUR 20,69
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EUR 129,59EUR 101,64/m²

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Various sizes of beach flag available

We offer a total of five different beach flag options: teardrop, diagonal, straight, concave, convex. You can click through the different styles shown on the left to see how they differ. Once you have chosen your preferred style, all that's left to do is to pick a size. Choose from S, M, L and XL. For an overview and further important information about beach flags, please download this PDF. (Prices stated are for the beach flag and printing only, accessories not included.)

Beach flag overview

Beach flags can be supplied with either black or white borders, so please remember to mention your choice when ordering. Please allow five to seven working days for us to make your flags; larger quantities will require extra time. Quicker turnarounds may be possible, so please ask if you require faster service.
Sizes overview:

Size S: height approx. 220 cm, image size 75 x 170 cm
Size M: height approx. 255 cm, image size 95 x 205 cm
Size L: height approx. 335 cm, image size 110 x 265 cm
Size XL: height approx. 430 cm, image size 120 x 360 cm

IMPORTANT: Dimensions of the system heights & advertising space only refer to the "drop shape"

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  • Beachflags
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To make your life a little easier, we have prepared some templates for the different styles in different sizes, which you can download as RAR packages from this page.

• Beach flags, Size S: download here (RAR file)
• Beach flags, Size M: download here (RAR file)
• Beach flags, Size L: download here (RAR file)
• Beach flags, Size XL: download here (RAR file)

The sizes of each of the various options are as follows:

• Size S: approx. 600 x 1900 mm
• Size M: approx. 700 x 2600 mm
• Size L: approx. 900 x 3400 mm
• Size XL: approx. 950 x 4500 mm

Please don't hesitate to contact us at any time if you have further questions.

Beachflag Zubehör

matching size


special feature

XL, L, M, S

Water fillable standing foot

incl. 4 ground hooks with rotator, capacity 9L

XL, L, M

Cross foot 70x70cm

steel, chrome-plated with rotator, approx. 1.5 kg

XL, L, M

Base plate 50x45cm

steel, powder coated with rotator, about. 10 kg

XL, L, M, S

Ground dowel

with rotator, about 0,7 kg

XL, L, M

Car stand

weight required, with rotator, about 3,5 kg

XL, L, M

Ground spike 60cm

with rotator, about 2,5 kg


Water weight

fillable for 10L water

Ground spikes

Ground spike stabilizer

Ø 15cm, galvanized steel


Transport bag

large version

M, S

Transport bag

small version

Everything you need to know about BeachFlags

  • attention-grabbing advertising medium
  • different finishes
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