Special services for CAD/Plot

Finishing, XXXL scanning, courier service, these are our special services in the field of CAD/Plot


In-house courier

Do you need your plots of land on the same day? Don't have time to pick them up from us yourself? No problem with WENZEL. Simply send us your data in the morning and we will complete the order on the same day, depending on the scope/quantity. Our in-house couriers deliver your orders by the afternoon and ensure full and smooth processing within a few hours. If the billing and delivery address are different, this is of course not a problem. Our courier drives in the city of Munich and the surrounding area. Please let us know how we can help you anytime.


With our "Hornet" we scan formats in 2x DIN A0 and larger for you. Whether it's paintings (in glass and in frames), blueprints, sealed documents, books, drafts, drawings or similar, we digitize everything in any size, contact-free, gently, perfectly illuminated.


We cut and fold your plot/CAD files online or offline as required:

  • with binding edge/without binding edge
  • with filing strips
  • as an LBK fold with or without a white cover sheet
  • or to special dimensions smaller than DIN A4, e.g. inserts in brochures
  • sort by
  • Assemble (in a folder of your choice, divider/tab)
  • 2-fold and 4-fold punching
  • special perforations (different hole diameters)
  • attach adhesive strips
  • mount in folder
  • 1-fold or 2-fold stapling
  • laminate in foil pouches up to DIN A3
  • One-sided/double-sided lamination of formats larger than DIN A3

  • Special service CAD / plot
  • Special service CAD / plot
  • Special service CAD / plot
  • Special service CAD / plot
  • Special service CAD / plot
  • Special service CAD / plot

All you need to know about the special service for CAD / Plot

  • scanning larger than 2x DIN A0 possible
  • finish in all imaginable forms
  • in-house courier for Munich and the surrounding area
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