Plate printing / construction signs

We print your signs, escape routes, signposts, statistics, diagrams etc. not only on paper but on a plate like PVC, Alu Dibond etc. You can choose your individual format.

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Mindestformat: 10 x 10 cm;
Maximalformat: 150 x 250 cm

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Sign printing for the construction industry

Printing on boards is becoming ever more popular and important for the construction industry, for example for competition or exhibition presentations. Besides PVC or correx, the light but highly resistant alu dibond is another suitable choice. 

Board printing: information boards etc.

We are also happy to produce individually designed information boards, e.g. wiring diagrams, escape routes, door signs, company signs, control panels, building site signs, diagrams, signposts, statistics etc. From taking the order to the production and the delivery, everything is dealt with in-house, ensuring a speedy and low-cost service. Contact us.

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